SHSAT School is ideal for any student in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade who hopes to gain access to a Specialized High School.

SHSAT School is the most powerful test preparation program ever developed for the New York City Specialized High School Assessment Test. SHSAT School provides students with a personalized preparation plan, eight practice tests, hundreds of thousands of SHSAT practice problems, video lessons, and advanced analytics to ensure that you maximize your time preparing and radically increase your score. Our material is made exclusively for the SHSAT to ensure success.

first step

Initial Test

Every student builds their learning profile by starting with an initial practice test. Our practice tests have been crafted by SHSAT experts with thousands of hours teaching the SHSAT and creating content for exam.

Each question is made to perfectly represent the questions students will see on the real exam, and is then tested on students to ensure similar difficulty. Students can take their practice test online or print a version of the exam and use an online answer sheet.

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second step

Analyze Results

After a student has taken their practice test, it’s time to analyze performance, review answers, and craft the best possible preparation plan. To do this, we analyze every problem across the 25 question types found on the SHSAT and provide detailed analysis on a student’s strengths and areas of need.

Practice time is a limited resource and students rightfully get frustrated when they don’t see improvements. By pinpointing precise problem types to practice, students are able to focus their practice, drive up their score, and reach their goals.

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third step

Informed Instruction

With data in-hand, it’s time for our students to get practicing! Rather than take practice test after practice test and repeat the same mistakes, our SHSAT practice portal allows students to build their skills between practice tests.

While books may have a few hundred practice problems outside of their practice tests, we have tens of thousands of math problems, reading comprehension problems, and grammar and editing problems. Along with every skill builder and practice problem is a video explaining how to do the problem and lessons on the underlying question type.

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fourth step

Rinse and Repeat

Once you have gained mastery of your desired material, it’s time to take another practice test! Practice tests are a unique experience within the practice curriculum.

They force students to test their endurance and ability to use their knowledge of the material on questions that may be slightly different than the practice. By taking practice tests, watching improvements, and pinpoint-in places to practice, students will be confident of their strength come test day.

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