Brooklyn Technical High School

29 Fort Greene Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217
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  • Fax: (718) 260-9245
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As one of the original three specialized high schools, Brooklyn Technical High School(or Brooklyn Tech) is one of the most well known high schools in America. For prospective students visiting Brooklyn Tech, the first quality that they tend to notice is the size. Everything about Brooklyn Tech is large. The student body consists of 5,682 students, and the building is 12-stories tall. The building is so large that in the 1960s the aerodynamics lab comfortable held an entire plane. The large amount of people and stairs is not for the faint of heart. However, those who can adapt to this atmosphere tend to thrive. With so many students, Tech is able to offer over 100 after school organizations and 30 varsity level sports teams. Despite having the Engineer as a mascot and Tech as its common name, Brooklyn Technical High School has a friend group and academic network for anyone.

  • Enrollment 5937
  • College Matriculation 94.4%
  • Graduation rate 99.5%

Brooklyn Tech Majors: A High School That Runs Like a College

Since its founding in 1913, Brooklyn Tech has been unique in opting for a college-based system whereby students take general education for two years before selecting their major. Currently, students are able to choose between 17 majors at the end of their Sophomore year: Aerospace Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, College Preparatory, Digital Media, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science Research, Finance, Gateway to Medicine, Industrial Design, Law and Society, Mathematics, Mechatronics and Robotics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, Social Science Research, and Software Engineering. Students in these majors gain access to unique classes that they may not find at other schools. For example, students in the Architecture major can not only learn the theory and software necessary for architecture, but also gain college credit by working on developing a neighborhood property site. In the aerodynamics major, students literally learn to become rocket scientists, taking AP physics their junior years before learning how to fly, design spaceship elements, or manufacture rocket technology at scale. It’s no surprise that Brooklyn Tech hosts astronauts and Nobel prize winning astronomers among its alumni.

Sports and Clubs

Students looking to balance their rigorous classes with robust extracurricular options will find Brooklyn Tech fully accommodating. A product of their large and diverse student body, Brooklyn Tech hosts 30 varsity teams and over 100 official clubs. Whether you are interested in learning more about urban anthropology, want to get involved in ethically motivated coding, want to compete in traditional sports like badminton, or modern athletics such as bouldering or Esports, there is a club that will be sure to fit your interests. Brooklyn Tech may be hard to navigate, but with so many motivated distinct individuals, there will always be a group that matches your interest and personality.