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SHSAT School practice tests are hand crafted by SHSAT experts. Every question is made to represent what students will find on the official exam, updated to 2018 standards. Our years of experience have taught us exactly how different question types are constructed and what answer choices will be most similar to those found found on the exam.

Whether you take our SHSAT Practice test at home or at a proctored site, you will be given access to SHSAT School’s proprietary SHSAT dashboard. Here, you will be able to see your score, review your exams, analyze your performance and access our practice portal. We analyze every practice test along the various question types found on the exam so that we can provide every student with detailed information. Practice books may let you do problems for three hours, but only SHSAT school has integrated analytics that help direct instruction and pinpoint need.

Ready to take your preparation to the next level? The Full SHSAT School option gives you access to 5 additional practice tests and our practice portal. In our practice portal, you will be able to maximize your practice time by studying the specific material needed. Every problem type has a full skill-builder curriculum, complete with video lessons and difficulty tiers. Unlike a practice book, our content never runs out and can be used to build skills—not just use your time.

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