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My two sons couldn’t be more different, but with your help they both were able to increase their scores my over 100 points and get into Brooklyn Tech! Knowing what they needed to improve on, and being able to have as much practice as they wanted on those things really helped. Thanks again!

Melanie, Mother of Two

Arthur was completely burnt out taking a test a day before we found you. As soon as he started working on things he really needed he gained confidence and started doing well. He is excited about going to Stuyvesant next year!

Terry, Mother
We are pleased to announce to you that Krista¬†got into Stuyvesant. We want to thank you once again for your help. We had done so many things for the test, but the focus on things she needed put her over the top. Without the material and work on her smaller reading comprehension issues I don’t think she could have made it.
Simona, Mother
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